Patricia Lim

Writer based in Manila, Philippines

Back on the Trail: How the Salomon X-Trail Made Me Love Running

There is nothing easy about the trail. It swerves and slopes, a different terrain at every turn. You will trudge upwards, downwards, through water and dirt, across paved paths and wild fields. Loose rocks, shifting soil, and scattered branches will betray you, slowing you down or tripping you as you go along your way. And the sun, at its peak, will be in your eyes, on your neck and back, scorching your sweat-soaked skin. But I already knew this going in. Yet there I was, back at the Salomon X-

The North Face 100: Quarter-Life Crisis On The Trail

This is it: I’m giving up. I’ve just gotten off a dusty trail and staggered onto a long stretch of concrete road. I glance at the running app on my phone and groan as the distance flashes on the screen: 14 kilometers. The good news: I’m more than halfway through the 22-kilometer course. The bad news: pain is shooting through my legs, making every movement a torturous challenge. My calves are close to cramping, while the arches of my feet ache from the constant impact against loose rocks and unev

Salomon X-Trail Pilipinas 2015: Challenge Yourself, Run Off the Beaten Track

What’s not to love about running outdoors? Outside, you get to feel the warmth of summer on your skin, the breeze brushing through your hair, and hear the rustling of leaves, the crunching of sand, twigs, and stones beneath your feet. There’s nothing quite like it; running through a trail that takes you from road to beach to forest is immensely challenging, but the experience is definitely worth all the time, effort, and sweat. Trail fanatics and running enthusiasts are sure to be thrilled once

R.O.X. Ultimate Adventure Baler: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Get Outside

Imagine this: You’re dangling off a 30-foot cliff, a rope tightly grasped in your gloved hands, the harness biting into your waist, and the bright noon sun in your eyes. Pretty standard stuff, right? Well that’s until you hear the roar of white water rushing over you, drumming madly into your chest, soaking you to the bone, and turning every step into a struggle. Scary? Sure. But if ever you needed a reason to get outside, then the burst of adrenaline you get from rappelling down a waterfall sh

Chasing Lanterns in Thailand

I am running – away from a river, against a current of people, as fast as my feet can carry me. I sprint through a dark forest, barely able to see, guided only by a faint glimmer of light through the trees ahead. It grows brighter with every step. I hurry towards it and call out to my companion who has become as frantic as I am. “Look!” I shout suddenly, pointing at the sky. Through the silhouette of leaves and branches, we see a thousand fiery stars.

Sole Sisters: Sole Sisters On Assignment: A Non-Biker's Trail

I hear the wind rush past my ears, like the sound an airplane makes when taking off, as I gain momentum, zipping by open fields and the hazy outline of Mount Makiling in the distance. A few of the bikers whiz past me, laughing and spreading their arms wide open à la Meg Ryan in City of the Angels, sans the truck of logs backing out into their path. They move swiftly on their red mountain bikes and disappear behind turns and slopes, leaving trails of dried mud on the smooth, chalky road.